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Sunday, October 08, 2006

CQ Politics, House outlook grim for Republicans

via CQ Politics;

All year, CQPolitics.com’s ratings of House and Senate races have been a virtual one-way street: Almost all rating changes show improved chances for the Democrats to capture seats — a reflection of the year’s toxic political environment for the Republicans who control both chambers of Congress and the White House.


As a result of these ratings changes, CQPolitics.com’s Balance of Power Scorecard now shows the Republicans short of a majority of seats in both chambers. And the ratings include numerous contests — 22 in the House — that are in CQ’s “Leans Republican” category. As defined by CQ, this category is made up of races in which the Democratic nominees are highly competitive and in which a Democratic victory is highly plausible. In all of these cases, the Republican candidate has maintained some edge, but under current circumstances, such advantages may be fleeting in some cases.

In fact, several additional ratings changes are imminent, and — barring an event that turns the tables in favor of the Republicans — more can be expected through the remainder of this week and the rest of the campaign.


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