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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October: 2000 visitors

This is what interest in a Congressional campaign looks like. Lot's of people in the know will tell you this race isn't interesting and worth their time reporting. Lot's of people will write off Democratic chances of taking this seat. And in return lot's of people are left looking for information in other places because they are feed up and want change. This is 2,000 people in October coming here for information on this race. That number doesn't compare to the numbers who are going to harrison06.com to find out how to change DC.

August set a record for visitors with a little under 600, or 20 people a day reading this little site. Then came September with 900, 30 people a day. Now as we approach midnight on the last day of October we have just surpassed 2,000 visitors in the month. To put that in perspective it took from December until August just to hit 3,000 total. Considering Rep. Vito Fossella won his last election by 35,000 this suddenly can start to be an intimidating number.


At 3:23 PM, Blogger TC said...

if you want, I can write a script that will make it look like the Kos and Instapundit linked to your site.

Then, boyo, you'll see some traffic numbers, but this? I get better when I call the PuppyBlender a killer of hobos.


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