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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Swing State Project upgrades race to Likely Democratic

via Swing State Project;

NY-13 (Open): Lean Democratic to Likely Democratic

It's hard to believe, but the GOP's chances of retaining this Staten Island-based district get worse and worse by the week. The only real candidate that the GOP could find, former state Assemblyman Robert Straniere, is both hated and unloved. And it shows in his fundraising, with only a paltry $15,000 raised for his campaign so far. Furthermore, his primary against physician Jamshad Wyne has taken a turn for the ugly and racist. The cherry on top? Straniere admits that he can't even vote for himself in the primary, as he lives in Manhattan -- very much a game killer in the parochial nature of Staten Island politics. Meanwhile, Democrat Mike McMahon continues to steamroll in fundraising.

Swing State Project had been the most conservative of the four rankings I am following, and with good reason. Now they join the other three in having this race as Likely Democratic/Democrat Favored.

update: rankings have been updated in the right column



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