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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stephen Harrison

So Mike McMahon has the nomination if he wants it, as I can't see a contested primary after the party has been less than expediant in lining up a candidate. If he doesn't want it then the nomination is Vincent Gentile's if he wants it. Then today we learn that if neither of them want to carry the torch for the party then Brooklyn attorney Stephen Harrison will run.

Mike McMahon is term limited out of office at the end of this current city council term. He is believed to possibly have his sights set on the Staten Island Borough Presidency currently held by James P. Molinaro, who will be term limited out of this office creating a vacany and the possibility of a Democratic pick up of this position.

Should McMahon and Gentile for some reason not jump into this race, Stephen Harrison, our candidate in the wings, lost to Gentile in 2003 during a special election. Gentile won with 3261 votes, his next opponent had 3230 and in third Harrison had 781 votes. Not promising. My money is on Gentile getting the nod for this seat.


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