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Friday, August 25, 2006

Republicans agree with Harrison on withdraw

Rep. Chris Shays, a Republican from Connecticut's 4th Congressional district is today calling for a troop withdrawal date from Iraq, similar to what Stephen Harrison (D) called for in his National Security speech on Tuesday.

Shays, long a supporter of the war and previously an opponent of withdrawal timetables, said he hopes to offer a specific time frame after he holds congressional hearings on Iraq next month. Few other congressional Republicans have supported setting a timeline.

"Our troops cannot be there indefinitely."

via MSNBC, Rep. Chris Shays (R) CT-04

I guess Rep. Vito Fossella believes his fellow Republicans are cutting and running just as he accused Stephen Harrison of after they both called for a troop withdraw. Of course we will never hear that from Fossella, after all he is a supporter of President Bush, he flies on planes with him, and advocates 'staying the course' indefinitely. Who exactly is acting in the best interests of our troops?


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