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Thursday, October 26, 2006

219 seats!

via Pollster.com;

After a long wait and a lot of hard work by the entire Pollster team, we are proud to unveil our new scorecard for races for the U.S. House of Representatives. We introduce the scorecard showing 219 seats in the Democratic column and 193 in the Republican column, with 23 seats showing neither candidate with a statistically meaningful lead.

Chris Bowers at MyDD.com has this analysis of those numbers;

If the toss-ups split evenly, that would give Democrats either 230 or 231 seats. In a wave scenario, where toss-ups go heavily in favor of the advancing party, that would mean around 235 seats. No matter what, for district level data to show Demorats ahead outside the MoE in 219 seats, and Republicans ahead outside the MoE in only 193 seats, might actually put Democrats in a better electoral position than Republicans have experienced since 1950. It certianly forecasts Democratic control, with a very high probability.


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