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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Stephen Harrison will be appearing on MSNBC today, approxiamately around the 3pm hour (3-4pm). Schedule the Tivo if you have it. Harrison is one of about 15 political guests today in a series on Battleground Districts. Just to show how serious this is, the other guests are Sen. Bayh, Sen. Dole, Rep. Sherrod Brown (Ohio Senate nominee), Rep. Ford (Tennessee Senate nominee), Sheldon Whitehouse (RI Senate nominee), Rep. Jack Murhta... you get the picture. This isn't a list of political wannabes, this is a who's who of nominees shaking up their races this year.

Also tonight, is the last of 5 debates. Stephen Harrison has done amazingly well in all of them so far and is really making Rep. Fossella regret agreeing to this. You really have to wonder how poor Fossella's poll numbers are that he hasn't backed out of any of these yet.

Shore Hill
Senior Center
9000 Shore Rd, Brooklyn
7:30 pm


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