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Monday, February 19, 2007

Fossella opposed escalation and President, now supports escalation and President

Rep. Vito Fossella on sending messages to our troops and our enemies:

Friday, Feb 16th, 2007

Although this resolution is non-binding, the message it sends to our troops on the battlefield – and our enemies around the world – is crystal clear.

Our words have consequences, as powerful as our actions. We must choose them carefully for they are being listened to all over the world. And the words this congress speaks today will send the message to both our allies and enemies about our resolve.


Fossella said his vote earlier this week against a resolution on air operations was an attempt to focus attention on Clinton's failure to provide leadership as Commander-in-Chief and to clearly articulate a strategy for victory.


Fossella also voted for a bill this week that would require President Clinton to seek Congress' approval before committing ground troops to combat.

Rep. Vito Fossella on 'political expediency';

Friday, Feb 16th, 2007;

To abdicate this solemn responsibility for political expediency is a dereliction of duty…and a sign of lost faith in the promise of America.


Fossella said that after only six weeks of military action, the American people are already seeing the fallout of the Administration's ambiguous strategy and failure to plan for victory. [emphasis mine]

Rep. Vito Fossella on strategy, is it the President's responsibility or Congress's;

Friday, Feb 16th, 2007;

With an open mind I have spent hours this week listening to the debate. Like many Americans I was willing to listen to new ideas and explore a new course in Iraq.

But an opportunity was wasted because all I have heard is “no” from the other side. I have not heard a plan…nor have I heard a strategy.


The President has a responsibility to articulate America's long-term strategy before placing even one soldier in harm's way.

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