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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Vito Fossella shows ignorance on foreign policy

It is embarrassing to know that Vito Fossella is not required to have any knowledge of life outside of Washington DC let alone any grasp on international news. Worse he openly demonstrates his sheer ignorance, via The New York Sun;

A planned trip to Cuba by a group of CUNY graduate students is drawing criticism from politicians and one of the school's board members.


"This is going to be used as a propaganda tool for Fidel Castro," Rep. Vito Fossella said yesterday in an interview. "If anything is going to be accomplished of significance, the visitors should ask Fidel Castro when he is going to liberalize the economy, release political prisoners and dissidents, and hold fair elections."

Fidel Castro has not been in power in Cuba since July 31, 2006 when he temporarily handed power to his brother Raul Castro due to his on going battle with unidentified illness. Fidel never re-assumed his role as President and on February 24, 2008 Raul was elected President. It makes you wonder if Vito Fossella is even knowledgeable on other world affairs that come up in legislative votes in Congress, say Iraq.

h/t to Rosealie

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