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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bob from Manhattan talks offshore drilling

No clue if anyone listened and or cared but Bob Straniere announced his 'plan' for our energy crisis;

GOP congressional candidate Robert Straniere yesterday called upon Democrats to return to Washington, D.C., to solve the nation's energy woes, and offered his own plan for energy independence, including deep-water exploration for oil and natural gas.

For the record the House had a vote last week to open the strategic oil reserves and Fossella voted against the measure. Bob from Manhattan said nothing about that. Instead he pushed the Republican meme, boo on Democrats for recessing for the summer as planned.

Straniere said he supports "a comprehensive energy approach," including deep-water exploration, tax incentives for energy efficiency, relaxed production regulations and stepped-up development of alternative energy sources.

"America must use every means at its disposal to increase the supply of the oil and gas we use today and to create the energy sources for tomorrow," said Straniere.

Why doesn't he just come out and say "we should find more oil!" Straniere manages to say a whole lot without saying a whole lot. He calls offshore drilling "deep-water exploration." This "exploration", not actually finding mind you, just exploring, is suppose to magically ease our energy crisis now? This is exactly why we should not give into these word games and cave on offshore drilling. It is not a solution to our immediate problems. Call out Bob for his hypocrisy and extremely lacking "plan." And "campaign" while you are at it.

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At 12:52 PM, Blogger Jaxon said...

I just ran across this interesting article "Drill Here, Drill Now," that delivered a number of interesting points about offshore drilling. One interesting fact is that 620,500 barrels of oil ooze organically from North America's ocean floors each year, compared to the average 6,555 barrels that oil companies have spilled annually since 1998. It's an interesting article and i suggest you read it.


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