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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BREAKING: Fossella still a selfish corrupt public official

So apparently people think Fossella wants back in and had his potential sights on the November ballot;

"It's absolutely true," a source close to Fossella said of rumors that Fossella and his allies are quietly plotting his comeback.

There was a lot of hype about it.  Really a lot.

There was one small problem, no not his DWI arrest, or affair, or faulty family values, it was Bob from Manhattan.  Bob, now the official Republican candidate for Fossella's soon to be old job can't just give up the position and let the county party decide a replacement.  Nor should he.  He has been the black sheep of the party and treated as such.  Surely no one thought Fossella should remain in DC but he still gets more respect than Bob. 

This whole premise of Fossella coming back seems a little lofty and a lot ego driven.  The man who threw his own party into shambles believes he is the only one who can now save it?  In all reality the party should ostracize him and keep him as far away as possible if there is any hope of recovery in the next few years if only Fossella did not build it up and appoint his supporters to be the party stalwarts.  But logistically it is not in Fossella's interest to run this November.  He is sitting on nearly $300,000, assuming court costs are not eating into that, far more than Bob has and will ever amass.  That money will still be around next cycle, unless his treasurer embezzles it.  Trying to run on the Conservative Party line or any other minor party will only make this an even more lop sided victory for McMahon.  Really if Fossella wants to save his party he would likely be eying 2010.  So why not push some polling and news stories to give himself some more media attention and start the narrative that Bob Straniere can't win and maybe just maybe Fossella is the guy they need.  Plant that seed now and hope for the best come next fall when candidates start making moves.  Fortunately for us, and probably his own party he humbly and graciously thanked all those who wanted him to get back in (guessing mostly his former campaign staffers and consultants) and denied the rumors he pushed;

"I am deeply humbled by the outpouring of support that I have received from people throughout the district through these difficult times, but I am not a candidate for Congress," Mr. Fossella said in a statement released by his office. "As I have stated before, my priorities are my family and serving the people of Staten Island and Brooklyn."

Of course it also doesn't hurt if he damages Straniere's chances of winning, because should Bob pull this one out he is the new king maker in the party and that would be devastating to Fossella.


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