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Friday, September 26, 2008

No one supports Bob Straniere

If you go to Bob Straniere's website one of the first things you may see is his list of "endorsements."  Really Bob, these are the best endorsements you got?  Where are all the local Staten Island elected Republicans?  Oh that is right they are refusing to support you.  Anyway here is Bob from Manhattan's long list of supporters, in case you miss it he has it twice on his home page;

Gov. Pataki, left office in 2006.  He oversaw the demise of the Republican Party in New York. 

Sen, Joe Bruno, retired from the State Senate, and is now under FBI investigation. 

Former Republican candidate for Governor John Faso, really?  really!  The guy who ran for but got embarrassingly blown out in the race for Governor, losing by more than 32%.  Faso only won 28% of the vote.

Rep. Peter King, from Long Island not NYC.

Rep. Randy Kuhl, from upstate not NYC.

The Staten Island and Brooklyn Republican Parties, in case you were unsure he needs to reaffirm that yes he is the Republican nominee

John Friscia and Craig Eaton, he lists individually despite them being the respective Republican Party chairs from Staten Island and Brooklyn.  Again a little desperate that he needs to promote endorsements from the party he was nominated by to run for Congress.

Please, please would you just believe Bob is really the Republican candidate for Congress.  This is getting painful to watch. 


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