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Monday, July 24, 2006

Working Families Party II

All numbers via the 2004 NYC Election results.

I was expecting to follow up with the difference in vote totals between Kerry and Barbaro indicating a larger WFP voter turnout for Kerry. Curiously that was far from the case.

WFP totals for Richmond County (Staten Island)

Kerry: 2,193
Schumer: 4,171
Barbaro: 2,634

I figure voters who are turning out to vote on the WFP line are educated voters, understanding the implications of a WFP vote versus voting on the Democratic line. Amazingly WFP turned out more voters for Schumer than Kerry, and Barbaro even turned out more WFP votes than Kerry. I can't understand a scenario where a voter would vote WFP for one office and Democratic for the others, so I am going on the assumption that all of Kerry's WFP voters, also then voted Schumer and Barbaro on WFP. That makes the finding more perplexing because that suggests Schumer and Barbaro voters either voted Bush or skipped the Presidential vote. And yet Kerry took 14,500 more votes than Barbaro (poor down ballot attrition on the Dem's side). Schumer's worst AD in Staten Island still netted him a 63% victory. So why in a non competitive race did WFP voters come out for Schumer in larger amounts than Kerry?

Understanding this is a small part in learning how Dems will flip this seat.


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