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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rep. Vito Fossella and Rep. Bob Ney

Remember those trips Rep. Fossella took to Vail Colorado with Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio? Remember when the New York Daily News covered this story, reporting that Rep. Fossella has spent in excess of $25,000 of his campaign money to fly his family to Vail each winter to attend this ski trip? Remember Rep. Fossella attended those ski trips with just two other members of Congress besides Rep. Ney and a chalet full of lobbyists?

Today we learn that a second aid to Rep. Ney has been subpoenaed to testify in an ongoing investigation by the Justice Department relating to influence-peddling in Congress.

This is on top of Rep. Ney's top three aids leaving their jobs with his office.

The top three aides for Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio) are leaving, or already have left, the Ohio Republican’s office, the latest sign that Ney’s legal and ethical troubles stemming from the Jack Abramoff scandal are growing worse with each passing day.
via Roll Call

As the probabilty of Rep. Ney running into ethical and more serious legal trouble with his connections to Jack Abramoff increases each day, the looming question is just what exactly was Rep. Fossella doing with him for the past six years in Vail? And why has he yet to reveal just who those lobbyists were that he was with? It would make sense that Rep. Fossella could easily lay to rest any concern of his constituents and the general public by releasing this information.


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