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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Vito in favor of privatizing Social Security

via the Staten Island Advance;

Democratic congressional hopeful Stephen Harrison yesterday accused Republican Rep. Vito Fossella of trying to have it both ways regarding the White House's controversial plan to privatize Social Security.


Asked then if he opposed privatization, Fossella responded: "No, I happen to think the president is on the right side of history here." [CNN August 2002]

Then, in a constituent letter mailed in February, Fossella wrote, "Let me be clear: I do not support the privatization of Social Security. I never have and I never will."

While Rep. Vito Fossella skis his campaign says he doesn't support skiing.

Steve Harrison opposes privatization and income indexes as solutions to revenue shortfalls. To prevent future insolvency, Steve advocates ending the regressive cap on income that is subject to the payroll tax, which amounted to $94,200 in 2006. According to a Harvard University/Washington Post poll, this policy is supported by 81 percent of the American public.


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