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Friday, September 01, 2006

Congress's response to issues of Poverty

An op-ed in the Washington Post today discusses the Republican failure on part of Congress and the President to effectively address poverty. The whole piece is worth the read.

All manner of politicians and columnists said in Katrina's wake that this was the time to revisit the problems of the destitute. The anguish of the people of New Orleans's Lower Ninth Ward would have at least some redemptive power if the country took poverty seriously again.

It didn't happen. The innovative ideas that came from all sides were swept off the table. The poor became unfashionable once more. Congressional conservatives changed the conversation.


President Bush and the Republican Congress, take a bow: You took power to make the well-off even better off, and you have succeeded brilliantly.

As for the poor and the middle class, maybe they'll do better after the next hurricane, or the one after that.


At 7:50 PM, Blogger HaagenDas said...

Cmon man, this is pure spin. What the heck does Congressman Fossella have to do with the execution of FEMA or any agency within the executive? This is more of the hate Bush nonsense that has nothing to do with Congressman Fossella nor with any possible solutions that Harrison would have. More rhetoric and no solutions are turning off independent voters such as myself.

At 5:35 PM, Blogger me said...

What this says is that a Republican controlled Congress is not doing enough in terms of over sight and truly representing the people. Being a Republican, Fossella is in a position to get bills onto the floor for consideration. What has he done?


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