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Monday, September 25, 2006

Fossella dislikes healthcare for our Troops

This is an image from Rep. Vito Fossella'a website. Half the fun is he counters Harrion's bridge proposal with, well stuff that isn't related to a bridge. I guess that is a good way to differentiate yourself.

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What is more interesting about this image, is the fact that he decided to use a photograph that included the word "TRICARE" on the LED of the VA sign. "TRICARE is the United States military's health plan for military personnel and their dependents," via Wikipedia. The problem with this image is that it is misleading. The article does not discuss TRICARE at all, instead focuses on the VA Hospital staying open. In fact Fossella as recently as 2005 voted down a TRICARE bill, which we covered on August 25th;

Rep. Fossella opposed expanding access to the military's TRICARE health insurance program to thousands of Reservist and National Guard members, even though 20 percent of all Reservists do not have health insurance, and 40 percent of Reservists aged 19 to 35 lack health coverage.

HR 1815 , Vote #221, 5/25/2005

For a campaign that is able to take identical photographs seconds apart, with differnt cameras, by the same photographer who claims to be working first for Vito's administration and seconds later on the payroll of Fossella's re-election campaign, it is without a doubt that this is a very intentional choice of photograph. Given that they would have to just wait seconds for the sign to change, or could simply crop the photo as to not include the word TRICARE, one has to wonder why Fossella attempts to mislead our own veterans of all people.

Fossella does not support body armor for our troops.
Fossella does not support healthcare for our troops.
Fossella does not support bringing our troops back to their families.


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