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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why is the Politicker not covering this race?

I have a small NYC rss feed to help me keep on top of stories I may have missed. On that list is the Politicker, the blog of the New York Observer. The Politicker is interesting for the sake of staying on top of anything possibly related to news about politics in this city. But I have one small complaint. Now that the primary is over, the only competative Congressional race in the city, NY13 gets no coverage.

The last time I could find Harrison coverage was from August 24th. No coverage of his National Security Speech, Energy Policy speech, the bridge proposals, the Schumer/Weiner upcoming fund raiser. Nothing.

On September 18th they managed to cover a returned $100 donation from the Lamont campaign. Lamont by the way is running for Senate in Connecticut.

Three days before news came out the Rep. Vito Fossella had taken a political contribution from Rep. Bob Ney, who that day plead guilty to federal crimes relating to Jack Abramoff. He is the first sitting member of Congress to do so. Did the Politicker cover it? No, in fact they didn't even publish a comment we made in their September 18th Morning Read asking about this discrepency in coverage.

It isn't like this is the only media source whose coverage of this sucks, but I am starting here, so what is the deal Politicker?


At 8:05 AM, Blogger Politicalconsultant said...

This is Roy Moskowitz. Politiker is on my distribution list and I used to send info to every writer and editor there without much luck.

When Assi left the 51st state for the Politiker I started sending to just him because he'd at least occasionally run stuff for me while he was at the Sun. He even published the Advance non scientific debate poll indicating that close to 80 percent of those responding (I estimate 120 people responded, some of which voted multiple times)thought either Fossella wouldn't debate or Steve would kick his ass.

I persuaded Boudin to do the same, although he hasn't responded to anything since he started working for Owens in the over covered 11th.

Assi hasn't run anything I've sent him since he switched over.


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