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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fossella took money from Rep. Bob Ney

As we have already mentioned Rep. Vito Fossella is connected to the criminal Rep. Bob Ney, the first sitting member of Congress to plead guilty to conspiring to commit fraud and violate federal lobbying laws. But now we find out that Rep. Vito Fossella has at the very least taken money directly from him and appears to have yet to return the money despite Rep. Ney's guilty plea and his impending resignation/removal from Congress.

Rep. Bob Ney's donation to Rep. Vito Fossella

Let us not forgot Rep. Fossella has also taken money from;

Tom DeLay (indicted), $10,000 (returned: $0)
Neil Volz (plead guilty), $500 (returned: $500)

Taking money from corrupt officials is not exactly something new to Rep. Fossella.

It appears Rep. Fossella has already announced plans to donate the money he took from Rep. Bob Ney.


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