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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The Politicker thinks this "blog goes nuts over a contribution from Mark Foley." They haven't read the news yet that he is a child predator, who was serving in Congress, and someone the Republicans knew was a threat now going back to 1995. If asking Rep. Vito Fossella to return money from a guy like that = going nuts, then ok call us names. I just figured it was a reasonable expectation on the part of an elected member of Congress. And what about the hypocrisy of Fossella for blasting the APA study with the following, yet saying and doing nothing about his own colleague;

"I am shocked and disgusted by this twisted attempt to justify pedophilia."

"It crosses the line into deviancy to suggest that an 8-year old and a 45-year old could have a consensual sexual relationship. That is sexual assault, and there is no way to justify it."

I would respond in their comments, but I still get 403 Access Denied errors.

Isn't it at least a little concerning that this year Fossella has returned previous contributions from Neil Volz and Bob Ney, but will not part with his money from Foley? The first two are guilty of corruption, the latter is potential to be charged with some form of state and/or federal charges relating to harming minors.


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