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Monday, October 16, 2006

Harrison's belief in the Constitution

This November has shaped up to be a battle of change versus more of the same. It has become a race of supporters of corruption versus those who want honesty in government. But there is a larger fight that is not D's versus R's, and instead is a struggle for the values of the Constitution versus the values of the Patriot Act. Is there any larger of a national issue to scare your opponent than the Constitution?

via the Courier-Life;

However, Harrison went on, “I am a good and patriotic American. I always have been and I always will be, and I will go anywhere to get Osama bin Laden. But, I will also fight to the death for the American Constitution, and one thing I will never tolerate is when a congressman, a powerful man, puts a picture of Osama bin Laden and connects it with me, and tells the people of this community that a pillar of this community supports Osama bin Laden. That is despicable. It is over the line.”

Indeed, contended Harrison, the sort of piece put together by Fossella’s campaign actually becomes an object lesson as to why the legislation passed recently by Congress is so dangerous to the American way of life and American values.

“That is the reason why I am afraid of torture,” he told Fossella. “It is precisely the reason why I do not support the terrorist act that you now support. Because this is how it starts.

“I can now be declared, by virtue of this, to be an enemy combatant,” Harrison went on. “Is that what you believe of the people in here who disagree with you, that they should be connected to Osama bin Laden, looked at as enemy combatants, and after they are declared enemy combatants by George Bush without any oversight by the court, they can then be brought into incarceration forever, and they can be aggressively interrogated, which is a euphemism for torture, and then when they are tortured – that could be me, under the circumstances –you can use the words I speak under torture to convict me for whatever crime and put me away?

“Is that what you want, congressman, for the United States of America?” Harrison persisted. “I don’t. I am a person who absolutely believes in the war on terror. I believe we have to surveillance. I do believe in wiretaps. I believe all those things must be done to protect the American people. But they must be done in the context of the American Constitution and American values.”


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