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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Torture Legislation

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by: Jude

Senator John McCain, a Veteran and former Prisoner of War, and Gen. Colin Powell, have both been quite vocal in speaking out against President Bush's torture legislation. As the wife of an Operation Iraqi Freedom III Combat Veteran I am horrified that Congressman Fossella would dismiss the wise guidance and military experience of two highly decorated combat veterans in regards to this matter. Clearly the President, like our Congressman, who never served a day of combat in their lives, does not understand the severity of the issues at hand that will ultimately be most damaging to our soldiers, let alone our credibility as a powerful democracy. As I write this letter, American soldiers are under investigation for allegedly committing acts of torture overseas involving detainees in their care. These soldiers, whose lives and the lives of their families are irreparably harmed due to their actions, are under investigation for the very same actions Congressman Fossella and President Bush endorse. How can an elected official support the torture of detainees and at the same time allow our American soldiers to rot in a military prison who did just that? Any elected official who supports the torture of detainees, which often results in misinformation and a proclamation to the world that if its ok for Americans to torture foreigners, its ok for foreigners to torture Americans, does not support our Country's most basic of principles. Not to mention, currently a returning soldier often waits 2 1/2 months for an appointment with a VA Mental Health Professional to treat their crippling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) issues. What's to become of the mental health and well being of our soldiers who doled out torture only to come home and suffer for the rest of their lives? From where I'm sitting, they're being tossed aside and forgotten about by our own Government and elected officials who wave flags at parades and vote against legislation that will help them financially and physically. Haven't our soldiers and their families suffered and sacrificed enough? For the safety and well being of our soldiers, I would encourage our elected officials to take a hard look at what Bush's legislation actually entails and the damaging impact it will have on our men and women in uniform, let alone our Country.


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