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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Incumbent Dems helping Dem Challengers

via the Times Union;

With prospects for his party to regain control of the House of Representatives looking tantalizingly bright, veteran Rep. Michael McNulty is reaching deeper than ever into his campaign fund to help fellow Democrats take on Republicans in neighboring districts.


The Green Island Democrat estimates his contributions to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, so far, at $100,000, which he said marks a record. He said he also will consider making direct contributions to Democrat campaigns around the country, as he has done in the past, based on guidance from DCCC leaders.

This is a simple way to get an early jump on funding in state Congressional races. There are no incumbent Democrats facing a difficult re-election prospect this November so we should see more of these donations occurring.

Markos outlines who has given what to the DCCC efforts. Of the 20 Dems from NY only Rep. Owens (retiring) and Serrano are hurting for cash, but neither district really presents a difficult seat to hold for the Dems. My point being is that Harrison could easily have his cash reserves filled with some help from his future colleagues.


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