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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Advance calls Vito's crap

via the SI Advance, which is important because Vito references the paper in his ads, take a look;

Democratic congressional candidate Stephen Harrison yesterday accused Republican Rep. Vito Fossella of lying to Staten Island voters by falsely stating in a campaign mailing that Harrison wants to protect "the rights of terrorists."

The mailing, which hit Island households within the last few days, says Harrison opposes the Bush administration's controversial national security wiretapping program and claims he does so because the program violates the "rights of terrorists."

The mailing includes a citation from the Sept. 30 issue of the Staten Island Advance that could lead voters to believe the newspaper quoted Harrison as using those words.

But a review of Advance records shows that Harrison has never made such a comment.


In the Advance article, "Opponents clash over terror legislation," Harrison does not use the word "terrorists," nor does he make comments pursuant to the claim that he is supporting them.

A further review of Advance records, as well as other media covering the race, do not show Harrison making any comments backing the rights of terrorists.

"Quotes or no quotes, it was attributed to the Staten Island Advance -- but it never appeared in the Staten Island Advance," said Advance Editor Brian Laline.

In addition to the flier, a Fossella advertisement being aired on radio all week also accused Harrison of the same thing. The radio ad specifically says Harrison supports the rights of terrorists "according to the Staten Island Advance."


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