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Monday, November 06, 2006

When Fox News thinks it looks bleak...

It is a hard day to be a true Republican (these aren't your parent's Republicans) and tomorrow is only going to be worse.

Newsweek's latest generic Congressional polling (will you vote for a Democrat or Republican?) has Democrats leading by 16%, 54%-38%. 53% say they want Democrats to control at least one of the Houses.

If Newsweek is too partisan (to the left) for you, which is somewhat laughable, how about Fox News;

By a 13-percentage point margin, more voters think most Democrats in Congress deserve to be re-elected (46 percent) than think most Republicans deserve re-election (33 percent). Furthermore, a 52-percent majority of voters says most Republicans in Congress do not deserve re-election, including 33 percent of self-identified Republicans.

and how about this kicker;

Americans are about equally likely to say the country would be safe from terrorism if Democrats gain control of Congress (28 percent) or if Republicans keep control (31 percent), with another 35 percent saying it would not make a difference which party has control.

On Iraq, by a 37 percent to 30 percent margin, voters think it is more likely a solution would be found if Democrats win control than if Republicans stay in power.


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