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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

England not so keen on Iraq Escalation

While Rep. Vito Fossella continues to take marching orders from President Bush and his administration on the war in Iraq, it seems our allies, whom you may remember from such acts as the 'coalition of the willing', well they are not so willing anymore. It seems England has realized sending addition troops is not the solution, and in fact will be removing theirs from Iraq altogether. The WFP Blog has a nice write up on this;

Tony Blair is rejecting George Bush's escalation strategy and bringing British troops home. Blair is bringing 1,600 British troops home now - that's around a quarter of the British troops still in Iraq - with 3,000 more to come home by the end of 2007 and the rest to follow in 2008.

And Senator Kennedy calls out the administration;

"Eighteen other countries have already withdrawn or dramatically reduced their troop presence in Iraq. A majority of the American people voted last November for a changed policy in Iraq. A majority of the House and the Senate, a unanimous Baker- Hamilton Commission and numerous generals have rejected the Administration's policy in Iraq. And now our country's strongest ally has rejected it."

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