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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Vito needs war in Iraq to continue

While the country is opposed to the war, Rep. Vito Fossella must do everything he can to keep it going. It is not just that he can play off the fear but also that should the war end, and should the troops come home then what? How does Vito support the troops if he can no longer send them off to war (his current method of 'supporting' them). Consider this:

  • Fossella voted in favor of stripping the Tricare provision of the 2006 Defense Authorization Bill - which would have made healthcare coverage available to thousands of National Guard and Reservists.
  • Fossella voted against an amendment to the Perkins Vocational and Technical Act of 1998 (S. 250 - introduced in 2006) would have increased veterans' access to education benefits.
  • Fossella voted against the Stupak amendment which called for a living wage for active duty military and a $1500.00 bonus for those serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.
  • Fossella voted against the Stearns Amendment to H. 10 (2005) , which sought to increase funding for prosthetics research.
  • Fossella voted against HR 1362, the Accountability in Contracting Act, aka The Waxman Bill, which sought to increase supervision of government contracts.
  • Fossella voted against the Supplemental bill just last week which requires adequate troop training and equipment

If there is no war Fossella does not have much of a record of actually 'supporting our troops' to fall back on. Of course that reality must be frightening to him.

Then again he did get funding to print up all of those posters showing how much support he had. Looking back on it, maybe using that money for care packages would have been more effective, not to mention meaningful since the troops aren't here to see his pretty posters.

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