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Monday, March 26, 2007

LTE: Dear Vito

In a Sunday 'Letter to the Editor' (LTE) in the SI Advance, a writer wonder's in a letter written to Rep. Vito Fossella, why we are not offering our troops the best equipment possible comparing the societal mindset of troop equipment production from WWII and today's war in Iraq;

I understand that a vehicle called the Cougar has been developed, which is far stronger than the open vehicles now used to patrol in Iraq because it provides protection against improvised explosive devices. Why has this vehicle not been fast-tracked for use in Iraq?

With every day that passes it seems clearer and clearer that Republicans pay lip service to the idea of "supporting the troops" but are primarily interested in supporting certain parts of corporate America.

If such a vehicle has been produced and can be mass produced, why aren't you yelling your head off at the military and the producers of these vehicles to get more out, more quickly?

Support our troops, and demand they have the best training, the best equipment and the best services available provided to them. Read the entire piece here, it is a very strong letter.

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