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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Where is the concern Rep. Fossella?

In a recent press gaggle, the National Security Advisor Steve Hadley took some questions about increased levels of troops being sent to Iraq;

Q Can I ask you about final U.S. troop numbers going into Baghdad? There seems to be some question about whether 21,500 was an accurate estimate of how many American troops would actually end up on the ground in Baghdad.

MR. HADLEY: It was an accurate estimate of the combat troops that were going into Baghdad. That's what the President talked about. He said that there would be five brigades that would be going into Baghdad. He talked about 22,000-23,000 troops, something like that, the bulk of which would be going into Baghdad. So what he was talking about is combat troops.

Secretary Gates and General Pace ... did indicate here a couple weeks ago that he thought the increment of additional combat support troops would probably be 10 or 15 percent, and he's talked publicly of a number around 2,400, something like that.

Today CNN reports;

President Bush said Sunday that at least 4,400 additional troops he is sending to Iraq - more than he had originally stated in January would be deployed - will serve in support roles only.

Rep. Vito Fossella I know you blindly support the President and find him infallable, and despite what the public wants you don't support ending the war. However I must ask if you have any concern that the man you trust tells us one thing about troop levels and then changes that at will, deciding to tear more soldiers away from their families and send them into harms way. Can you at least demand that he is honest with America and stand by what he is telling us?

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