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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Titone gets Assembly nomination

via the SI Advance;

Staten Island Democrats early today nominated Matthew Titone to run for the North Shore Assembly seat that came open with the death last month of John Lavelle.

Titone beat out Lavelle's son Daniel and long time friend Robert Olivari, both considered top contenders. In Titone's State Senate race this past fall for Sen. Marchi's seat, the NY Times in their endorsement had this to say of the likely soon to be Assemblyman;

A leader in promoting awareness, prevention and treatment for H.I.V./AIDS, he has developed a high-energy, idea-filled campaign, offering initiatives to address especially thorny problems like overburdened transportation, health care and schools. Mr. Titone exudes an eagerness to get to work, and we hope he gets the opportunity.

Just goes to show how contentious this race was and was expect to be, the URL announcing the nomination ends with 'dems_have_yet_to_select_candid.html'

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At 3:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The race was decided once after the first ballot Danny Lavelle chose to support Matt Titone but a majority was not picked up until the third ballot. Whether it was the support of Mike McMahon and Mike Cusick, the ability to keep new county committee members off the committee, the sudden alliance between Lavelle and McMahon forces (who ever thought that would happen), personal choices, or even people leaving and not voting on the second and third ballot one will never know. Still wonder how some of the Lavelle supporters feel now that they realize it was McMahon's candidate that was elected and their want to keep John Lavelle's legacy might have handed the party over to Mike McMahon.

At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, a choice had to be made. Mr. Olivari still could of bowed out and supported Mr. Lavelle. Knowing full well that his actions were felt far more deeply and personally than anyone else's and Lavelle's camp was never going to give it to him. So Olivari/Cappelli/Gulino made a decision to give the party to the McMahon faction, no one else did. As you can see from the votes on both the exec and full committee, Daniel would of had the support of both had they not entered the race and worked with him instead of bitterly against him.


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