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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bush vetoes troop funding

Today, President Bush vetoed the Supplemental Bill given to him by the House and Senate. The bill outlined $124 BILLION in war spending funds, however the notion that we protect our troops and bring them home was enough to cut off all spending on troop training and protection with his signature. Today's veto comes on the 4 year anniversary of the once quipped "Mission Accomplished." Four years later, after the President's self declared mission over, Bush and Fossella celebrate this veto and effectively say this war is not over until they decide it is, regardless of what Americans want.

* Number of Active Duty Service-Members in Iraq (from NY): 7,880
* Number of Reserve Forces in Iraq (from NY): 1,866
* Number of Service-Members Killed in Iraq (from NY): 147
* Number of Service-Members Wounded in Iraq (from NY): 1,177
* Cost of War to the People of New York: $33.9 billion

(Source: CTS Deployment File, 1/31/07; Department of Defense Personnel Statistics; nationalpriorities.org)


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