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Monday, April 23, 2007

LTE: Fossella could demand the President sign Stem Cell Research

In a Sunday 'Letter to the Editor' (LTE) in the SI Advance a writer discussing the Stem Cell Research Bill that passed the House with Rep. Vito Fossella's backing, but more than likely will be vetoed by President Bush. The letter is an open letter to Fossella;

I urge you to have the appropriate legislative committees, and ultimately our president, consider and reconsider the benefits, even to the unborn, where medicine can further advance in this era of knowledge.

You can read the full letter here. Rep. Vito Fossella actually has been supportive of Stem Cell Research for many years now. What he has not been able to do though is get that President of his to even consider signing such a bill into law. Rep. Vito Fossella may do photo ops with the President, but he has no influence on him, he just sits back and takes orders.

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