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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fossella opposes hate crime legislation

via Room Eight;

On May 3, 2007, Congressman Vito Fossella voted against legislation (H.R. 1592) that would extend the designation of a hate crime to include violent acts motivated by a victim's sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

The bill was co-sponsored by several Republicans, including Rep Shays (R-CT), Rep Kuhl (R-NY) and Rep Castle (R-DE) breaking any possible partisan cover Fossella was hiding behind. The bill ultimately passed with 25 Republicans voting in favor of it, with Walsh another NY state Republican jumping on board. Now here is the interesting bit of all of this, from the Gay City News;

Opponents of the bill asked that it be sent back to committee to consider adding age and military service status as protected categories as well, effectively putting a vote off for this year. The Republicans hoped to force Democrats into the position of voting against protecting seniors and veterans.

Hoyer called their bluff, however, offering to add the categories by unanimous consent immediately. The bill's opponents, not interested in protecting any new groups by statute, rejected that offer, and the measure moved to a straight up or down vote.

So Fossella's groupies try to prevent the bill from passing by adding military service, but then refuse to add it when given the chance? It is sad enough that Fossella outright voted against this bill on the grounds of pressure from the religious right but to then refuse to add a clause preventing discrimination against our troops really goes to show how much of an act his 'support' of our troops really is just rolled out for the press and put away immediately after.

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