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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gen. Colin Powell and Vito Fossella

Yesterday we ran several comments from retired Gen. Colin Powell on his attempts to talk to President Bush and keep the United States out of Iraq and his belief that our military and attempts at troop escalations can not work to bring stability to their civil war. Not that there should be any doubt about his credentials, despite some very questionable time he worked for this administration, but I thought it might reinforce the respect he garners or at least had on multiple fronts. Via CBS News;

Rep. Vito Fossella of New York said he spoke to Powell on Tuesday and made the case for the retired four-star general to enlist in the Republican Party's effort to defeat Clinton, a standard-bearer for the Democrats.

If Rep. Vito Fossella thinks this man has the intellect and understanding to run for Senate, to vote on bills pertaining to withdrawing from Iraq or troop readiness, requiring they have training and supplies, why does he not simply listen to what is arguably Powell's area of expertise, military command? Powell thinks going into Iraq was a mistake and staying there is even worse. Unfortunately for Fossella he can't find a way to gain a sound bite or political leverage off this man he once admired enough to ask him to run for Senate, to now listen to him. It is time to send someone else to DC who has not been blinded and corrupted by the system.

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