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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why did Fossella vote against extending health care to our children?

Vito Fossella voted against HR 3152 which provides health insurance for children and improves Medicare for our senior citizens. The bill will provide 5 million American children with health insurance. It also improves Medicare for 44 million seniors and people with disabilities by adding preventive health care benefits, increasing benefits for low-income seniors, and reducing unnecessary taxpayer subsidies to Medicare private plans.

At what cost to us are Rep. Fossella's votes? He continues to recklessly obstruct government by trying to shut down every bill and vote out of spite towards democrats.

Fossella voted against providing housing assistance for low income families devistated by Hurricane Katrina.
Fossella voted to cut all funding for the Dept. of Transportation just before the structural bridge failure in Minnesota.
Fossella has voted against giving our troops pay raises.
Now he has voted against giving our children health insurance.

Is this really who you want representing you in DC? Tell Fossella he represents you, your children and your grand parents NOT President Bush.

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