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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Candidate speculation; August 2007, Harrison is in

With Harrison's announcement that he is in, he clearly is the front runner today. Councilman Recchia is still getting plenty of coverage in all the Harrison announcement articles, although he is not returning calls and has made zero movement so it is unclear why this is happening. Assemblyman Cusick has been downgraded after announceing the to SI Advance that he would not be running. Assemblywoman Hyer-Spencer has been downgraded as there has been no speculation at all regarding her for quite some time. Finally Councilman McMahon has been slightly upgraded to no movement, although he is clearly not running for this, he once again does not appear to want to make any public statements that he is not running. Good PR for him, bad news for the party

no movement
positive movement (towards candidacy)
downgraded movement (away from candidacy)
Stephen Harrison
Council Member Recchia
Council member McMahon
Assemblywoman Hyer-Spencer
State Senator Savino
Assemblyman Cusick

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