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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Constituents march to Vito Fossella's office to oppose war

Although the war was not enough to span previous margins of defeat for Democrats here in 2006, we might end up seeing it haunting Vito Fossella in 2008. Just to make sure it is an issue once again his own constituents have marched on his district office to demand that he take notice;

via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle;

On the same day that thousands of protesters gathered in Washington D.C to protest the war in Iraq (and, as it turned out, to be confronted by a group of citizens in support of the war), hundreds of protesters gathered here in Bay Ridge to march to the local office of Rep. Vito Fossella, R- NY 13, asking their representative to stop funding the war.

So where is the Democratic leadership on this, well marching among the protesters;

Fossella has continually backed the administration on the war in Iraq, in stark contrast to Steve Harrison, the only democrat so far to formally announce he is running against Fossella in the 2008 election. (See column at left.) Harrison, an attorney and former chair of Community Board 10, spoke at Saturday’s rally. Talking to the Eagle, Harrison says he is most concerned about the safety of our troops, who have been there long enough fighting a war “that nobody can figure out how to win or what the purpose is.”

Harrison contends, along with many other opponents of the administration, that the money for the war in Iraq should have been devoted to other security causes surrounding the war against terrorism.

Clearly Fossella's support of the war and President Bush is not a winning strategy and so we will see him hide from this issue at all costs. The question is whether a challenger can hold his feet to the fire and make him defend his support of both President Bush's failed strategy and Fossella's continual support of this non ending war.

Representatives from Fossella’s office did not return a call by press time.

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