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Saturday, September 22, 2007

One more chance for Fossella to finally support SCHIP

via CQPolitics;

House and Senate leaders have concluded negotiations on a children’s health insurance bill, clearing the way for its passage next week — and a threatened veto by President Bush.

Vito Fossella has already voted against SCHIP when it came to floor in the House on August 1, 2007. Despite that he has used press releases and media reponses to claim he supports expanding SCHIP, hiding the fact that he voted NO on the bill. Now he once again has a chance to stand up and support the bill, to stand up and tell the President not to veto it. Chances are this will not happen and Fossella will claim he supports it, watch the President veto the bill and do absolutely nothing about it, as he has for the past two months. Fortunately it appears there is plenty of Republican support in both the House and Senate to mitigate Fossella's opposition.

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