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Friday, December 07, 2007

Steve Harrison speaks on traffic congestion

I came across this brief mention of Steve Harrison commenting on
traffic congestion. It is good to see Mr. Harrison's public
appearances and participation in discussions across the district have
been going strong for a few months now. It appears that Rep. Fossella
did not have anyone representing him there.

via Walking is Transportation;

At the November 5 Staten Island public hearing called by the NYC
Traffic Congestion Mitigation Commission and held at Williamson
Theatre within the sprawling, suburban-style campus of the College of
Staten Island (CSI), there was a notable unanimity on on plaNYC's
Congestion Pricing proposal among Staten Island's elected


Citizen comments

--Steve Harrison, a Brooklyn resident and currently a Democratic
candidate for the Brooklyn/Staten Island congressional seat now
occupied by Republican Vito Fossella said, through a spokesperson
reading his testimony, that transit improvements must be made before
Congestion Pricing is instituted. Harrison also expressed the concern
that the proposal could result in a two-tier, class-based transit
system, with the rich riding limos and everyone else stuffed into
buses and subways.

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