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Monday, February 25, 2008

Steve Harrison hits Fossella on gun violence

Via Tom;

Speaking at a press conference in West Brighton, Harrison cited Fossella's A-minus rating from the National Rifle Association and said, "Fossella and his fellow Republicans show blind obedience to the gun lobby. They need to take responsibility for their records on gun control and responsibility for their failure to curb gun violence."


While Fossella voted in favor of a 24-hour waiting period for gun purchases at gun shows, Harrison said the congressman fails to point out that he voted to lower the waiting period from 72 hours.


He also lit into Fossella for being among the Republican lawmakers who allowed the assault-weapons ban to lapse.

"No one needs an Uzi for personal protection or to hunt," Harrison said. "There is no legitimate reason for automatic and assault weapons to be legal."

My favorite part of the article is the obligatory closing remark from the opponent's staff, Fossella in this case purposefully deciding to refer to Steve as "surrender Steve" and calling him a "radical left-winger". Clearly the issues of ending the war in Iraq and being liberal are not holding up across the country as states that otherwise would be voting Republican are shifting drastically to the two Democratic presidential candidates both of whom support and end to the war and have been labeled much worse than liberal. Go ahead and connect the Democratic congressional and presidential candidates, we know how the district feels already.

And here is the full text of Steve's press release from Friday's press conference;

Northern Illinois. Virginia Tech. The Ganas Commune in Staten Island. Columbine. We can’t let incidents like these happen in Staten Island and Brooklyn., says 13th Congressional District (Staten Island and Southwest Brooklyn) Democratic candidate Steve Harrison, speaking out in favor of tougher gun control laws.

Harrison will highlight Fossella’s record of supporting legislation that makes it easier for criminals, terrorists and the mentally unstable to acquire guns and ammunition and offer ideas to help curb the carnage in a 1 PM February 22, 2008 Press Conference at Congregation Bna’i Jeshurun, 275 Martling Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10314 (A block from the Armory).

Harrison challenges his opponent, New York City’s only Republican House Member, Vito Fossella, to change his consistent support of the gun lobby agenda. “Vito's passive approach to gun control helps to facilitate gun proliferation to those who should not have guns,” says Harrison.

Harrison outlines his approach to gun policy. “My goal is to keep guns and bullets out of the hands of criminals, terrorists and the unstable, prohibit the sale and possession of the types of weapons that are unnecessary for self defense or recreation and put dealers trafficking illegal firearms out of business.”

Harrison also ran against Fossella in 2006, receiving a higher percentage of the vote than any other Democrat ever under the Congressional District’s current configuration.

For more information visit steveharrisonforcongress.com.

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