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Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Chris Ward and Vito Fossella?

Chris Ward the disgraced former treasurer for Vito Fossella continues to be a story and Vito can't be happy about that.

Elizabeth brings up Ward to note that both Vito Fossella and had to fire Chris Ward after that whole NRCC and FBI thing. This is a follow up to her previous piece where she first broke that Chris Ward was then currently serving as Fossella's treasurer. But she teases us with the most interesting tidbit of them all;

According to a DC campaign finance source, the fallout from this scandal is just beginning, and could hit close to home (meaning New York) very soon.

Before you get your hopes up this comment is probably referring to Rep. Tom Reynolds who was the former chair of the NRCC while Chris Ward was treasurer, although I would certainly like to be wrong on and see Fossella get snared even more.

note: I think introducing comments from sourcing without validating why they are a credible source should not be tolerated and will comment more on this at a later date

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