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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Oil hits $105 a barrel, Fossella not concerned

Oil has hit $105 a barrel and yet Vito Fossella seems unphased. via
the NY Times;

It is the second time this year that OPEC had ignored public calls from the United States to increase supplies. In January, Mr. Bush traveled to Saudi Arabia and urged producers to open their taps. But the plea failed to sway OPEC. When the group met in February, it kept its production level unchanged.

Fortunately we have Vito Fossella fighting the good fight for us and demanding answers;

"Unless production increases significantly, there could be a problem this summer," Fossella said. "If you thought we had difficulties with home heating oil and gas prices this winter, just wait. A surge in electricity rates and power outages may be just around the corner because the Administration lacks a clear and comprehensive energy policy. Today we are sending a wake-up call to the Energy Department and others that Americans could be hit with escalating electricity rates this summer. Its failure to act following OPEC's production cutbacks last year and its subsequent decision to ignore our warnings of price surges for home heating oil and gas have mired us in this current predicament."

Sadly you know the punch line. These comments are from Vito Fossella, March 23, 2000 criticizing President Clinton for his lack of response to oil then hitting $30 a barrel. Eight years later, oil has gone up 350%. Vito Fossella, well he has no comment. Which considering Vito Fossella's Fidel Castro embarrassment maybe it is better he keeps his mouth shut.

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