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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Domenic Recchia about to step aside

I was sent this statement from a Recchia for Congress email address, although I can not confirm this was sent on Recchia's behalf yet;

"Congressman Fossella's statement is one more step in the right direction toward the change needed in both the 13th congressional district, and the nation. I'm currently in talks with other Democrats to come up with a solution that will serve the best interest of the party, which is turning this seat from red to blue."

This statement come in shortly after the NY Times published these comments;

“Domenic is out of the race,” said Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez, the Brooklyn Democratic Party leader who is a major part of the decision making on what candidate the party will endorse. “He is no longer a candidate for personal and family reasons.”

Mr. Recchia, however, said that he has not made any decision to drop out of the race. “My situation is this: There are other Democrats from Staten Island who are interested in running,” Mr. Recchia said. “We’re trying to work things out. To have a primary with elected officials running against each other is not in the best interest of the party.”

There are several outstanding questions;
* What is Recchia going to do with his $325,000? He can only spend it on a federal election or donate it to other candidates, and not use it for a potential Borough President race

* Who is Recchia waiting on to declare for him to officially end his unofficial candidacy?

* If Recchia believes party unity and avoiding a primary is so important why did he "run" after Harrison had declared?



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