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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Staten Island DA Donovan zero tolerance for drunk drivers

D.A. Donovan: Contrary to National Trend, DWI Fatalities on the Rise in New York State, 2004;

According to statistics released on August 25th by the NHTSA, a total of 17,013 alcohol related fatalities were recorded in 2003. This is down by 511, or nearly 3%, from the total of 17,524. “Law enforcement agencies across the nation, including my office, have been working tirelessly to end drunk driving and its tragic consequences,” stated District Attorney Donovan. “While the national statistics are encouraging, the numbers for our own state should convince anyone that our work is far from done.” District Attorney Donovan noted that in New York State, alcohol related fatalities on our roads increased by 47, or 9.8% from 2002 to 2003, from a total of 482 in 2002 to 529 in 2003. In 2003, drunk driving accounted for 35% of auto fatalities in New York State. Ironically, this increase in fatalities in New York occurred after the State lowered the Blood Alcohol Content limit to .08% from .10%.

“If these statistics don’t wake people up to the dangers of drunk driving, I don’t know what will,” stated the District Attorney. “My office will continue to vigorously prosecute anyone who is arrested for drunk driving on the roads of Staten Island.

With police enforcement on roadways and at bridge crossings, drunk driving arrests should reach another record on Staten Island this year. As of September 1st, there had been 543 DWI related arrests in 2004. At the current pace, this years arrests will far exceed the totals in 2002 and 2003, when there were 626 and 665 respectively.

“On Staten Island we have been fortunate that we have not had any alcohol related fatalities this year,” noted Donovan. “However, I would rather depend on zero tolerance for drunk driving than luck.” [bolded for emphasis]

D.A. Dan Donovan, 2007;

“When I was a candidate for District Attorney, I told the people of this community that I would aggressively target the drunk drivers who endanger all of our lives on the road, stated District Attorney Donovan [bolded for emphasis]

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