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Monday, May 05, 2008

Fossella Arrest News Round up, Part II

Laura Fay
Virginia Is For DUI Lovers, Radar
Vito's ride a single mom, 'old friend', Advance
Vito Fossella's mystery woman: Va. lady who sprung him from jail lives nearby, NY Daily News

The Rest
Vito was really really drunk!, Brooklyn Paper
Arrest raises question: What's Vito done for us?, Advance
Democrats see victory vs. Vito Fossella in Staten Island, Daily News
Bloomberg On Fossella's Judgment, Recchia On Fundraising
GOP and Conservative politicians haven't lost taste for 'Vino' Fossella, NY Daily News
Why it's an uphill climb for House GOP, MSNBC

see also: Rep Vito Fossella arrested news round up

The Daily News is running polls. Go vote;
Should the S.I. congressman go to jail?
Should Rep. Vito Fossella leave Congress if he has to serve jail time?

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