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Monday, June 23, 2008

What is next for the Republican Party

This race has seen its share of plot twists but none are more tragic than the passing of Frank Powers. So where does the party go? July 10th is still the deadline to the best of my knowledge for ballot access meaning the party will need to meet quickly and vote on a successor for their endorsement. Jamshad Wyne is still attempting to run on the Republican line despite losing the endorsement to Frank Powers. The party may move to back him due to the calendar restrictions. There is some talk too that this may know push one of the higher tier potential candidates into the race. I don't quite follow that logic. They didn't get in when they had the chance and now that the party is in more disarray they will declare? The money situation is just as bad as it was a month ago for the Republican Party and a self financing candidate is their only hope still. The NRCC is behind the DCCC $47 to $6 million. Here is the last speculation update I did before the Powers endorsement. These three had the most movement late in the game;

Paul Atanasio
Robert Straniere
John Friscia

And if the recent history of this race is any lesson expect something out of left field.


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