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Friday, July 18, 2008

Wyne raises money, breaks some laws, gives it back, self funds

Republican candidate and outsider candidate Jamshad Wyne has his first FEC filing up online. He has loaned himself $35,000 and spent $25,437 of that, leaving him a little over $9,000 cash on hand for his primary. The sad thing for this party is he is leading the cash on hand as Straniere had not yet started raising money.

The story takes an odd though at this point expected turn as Tom tells us;

Dr. Wyne said he raised $119,000 from 50 to 60 people at the fundraiser, which was held on May 20 at Lee's Tavern in Dongan Hills.

But Dr. Wyne said this week he'd returned all that money to donors. He said that he'd been advised not to deposit the money because he hadn't yet officially registered as a candidate with the FEC.

But the man is determined, after all his candidacy has been ignored and disrespected by his own party. He has promised to now self finance his primary run up to the amount of $500,000.

I have added Wyne to both the cash on hand totals and the maplight widget on the right hand column. Straniere will be added once he has an official FEC report.



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