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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vito Fossella still has loyal donors

While all the excitement and movement is going to come from someone other than Vito Fossella from now on, he still has to file FEC reports and intriguingly has crazy stories following. Despite the hypocrisy there are people still willing to throw money at Vito Fossella to promote his unique brand of "family values." I already covered that he has actually increased his cash on hand over the past quarter despite not running for re-election, but more curious is a closer look at the date and quantity of those contributions.

Vito Fossella was arrested on the morning of May 1, one month into the second quarter. It now appears that he actively continued to raise money and had targeted fundraisers on May 13 and May 27. On May 13 he raised $22,200 from 11 donors. 7 of those 11 made the maximum contribution they could of $2,300 for either the primary or general election. One zealous couple, Herbert and Jeanne Seigel, actually both maxed out $2,300 each for both the primary and the general election. This is thirteen days after his arrest was made public and a full week after he admitted to having an affair and another child he kept secret from his own family.

That alone should raise a few questions, probably more so for his donors who have questionable ethics, however it gets worse. Six days following this large fundraising effort, on May 19, Vito Fossella announced he would not seek re-election. Then eight days following that announcement, on May 27 he had a second large coordinated fundraising effort where he brought in $16,600 with two donors maxing out their contribution for the primary that they knew would never be happening.

The final numbers are;
$41,650 since his arrest
$38,900 of that since his admitted adultery
$16,700 of that since he declared he would not run for re-election

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