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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bob from Manhattan avoiding campaign issues

I am not a big fan of Bob Straniere's web presence. It is laughable that he is the presumptive front runner for a major political party, in a seat his party under other conditions should hold on to, and yet he struggles to put together a campaign website, any organized internet outreach (facebook, youtube, etc.) or email efforts. Straniere has redesigned his campaign site only a few weeks after its launch, yet he left off one crucial detail. Issues. Straniere's site does not has any campaign issues listed or policy position on;

* Iraq
* health care
* gas prices/energy
* education
* over development
* waste management
* transportation
* sub prime mortgage issues

I can go on but the point is obvious. If you go back and look at the old design you see he actually removed a "The Issues" link this time around. The only attempt at outlining any policy issues or a campaign platform is this one sentence;

My goal will be to reduce the tax burden on our families, reduce the regulatory burden on our businesses and protect our most vulnerable citizens: our seniors and our children.

There is no explanation about how he will reduce the tax burden on our families. There is no plan for protecting our seniors or children. I must hand it to Vito Fossella, at least he had a position on these issues, and though he avoided talking about them we for the most part knew where he stood. Compare that to Straniere who it appears is running solely on the fact that he is a Republican and this seat should stay in the hands of a Republican, why it should stay that way though seems beyond him. The Straniere platform;

Please help us keep the only Republican Congressional seat in New York City by supporting our campaign today.



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