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Friday, August 22, 2008

Don't be hoodwinked

(Guest post by Ahmed Kokon)

Today the Staten Island Advance came out with an editorial regarding endorsements:

And, if they succeed in getting the backing of the Amalgamated Widget Workers or the Friends of Ferns League, the pols trumpet those endorsements triumphantly, as if they've practically clinched the election.

First person I think of is Mike McMahon. When he first jumped into the race, before talking to constituents and discussing with them his positions on the issues, he lined himself up with the machine and has held those wield endorsements in higher regard than those he wishes to represent in Congress. Voters are not to be taken for granted.

About the National Organization for Women endorsing Harrison:

The rationale is somewhat puzzling because Mr. McMahon has supported abortion rights, even though he has run with the backing of the Conservative Party in his past successful campaigns for the North Shore Council seat.

WHAT?! It is a proven fact that McMahon voted for restrictions on what a woman can do with her own body.

The Advance, as usual, is the one that is puzzled but to their credit - they do have one fact correct - McMahon has had the backing of the Conservative Party.

That aside, Mr. Harrison has positioned himself as the progressive candidate in the Democratic primary race, and that probably suited NOW's agenda.

Harrison hasn't "positioned himself" as anything. Harrison IS the progressive candidate as opposed to McMahon, the conservative candidate.

And if the Advance wants to talk about suiting agendas - ask them why they are tripping over themselves in haste to defend a candidate who voted against Staten Island interests by voting for Congestion Pricing. It was the Advance themselves who reported that 74% of Staten Islanders were against it. Harrison was against Congestion Pricing. Why was McMahon for it?

I respectfully suggest to McMahon that he toss away the aura of entitlement he carries and bring his nose down from the air. That way, he can see eye to eye with the people and explain to them why he's for Congestion Pricing and explain to them why he's for offshore drilling and explain to them how he'd rather not have our troops come home.

At the conclusion of this election, a Democrat will represent NY-13.

The only question is: what kind of Democrat do you want?


At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

McMahon is more pro-life? That's refreshing!

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how do you start a club in the 13th? details please.

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What, no one believes in democracy and sharing power?


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